The complete guide to shaving your junk

Grooming the pubes used to be an activity solely preserved for women. As the decades have turned, however, a whole industry dedicated to intimate grooming and styling has emerged and guys have finally decided to join the party.

As more and more men begin experimenting with their public vegetation, the growing trend of male grooming has emerged but exactly why would you partake in the ministry of manscaping? Well, we have gathered some answers for you that you just might find interesting…

The why

According to advocates of the manscaping revolution, there are several benefits that await you when you make the decision to keep your forest down below in check:

  • It apparently facilitates more sensual sex
  • It makes personal hygiene a lot easier
  • Your partner may find that they enjoy a smoother surface area to work with and therefore engage in oral sex more readily
  • It functions as a form of creative expression
  • Your junk will definitely look bigger after you take away the shrubbery

The how

There are several options at your disposal – the most accessibly of these being shaving. Follow these steps to get your crotch beard looking simply gorgeous:

  • Trim the hair down with scissors or a body trimmer
  • Have a warm bath or shower to open up pores and make shaving easier
  • Use a good quality shaving foam or gel to soften the pubic hair and help the razor glide more effectively. Leave to soak into the follicles for a few moments.
  • Carefully shave your sensitive bits with a sharp, multi-blade razor and be careful not to nick yourself in the process
  • Once done, apply a gentle powder or shaving balm to sooth the area. Do not use aftershave!

Further tips for a premium cut

  • Remember that uniformity is key. If you’re going to shave between your legs, don’t forget your stomach. If you’re going to do this, do it right!
  • Make it part of your routine in order to keep it spic and span at all times. If you put in the work, the rewards will speak for themselves
  • A little odour is natural. If you find that you’d like to smell extra fresh down below, try body washes and talc-free powders that aren’t too harsh. Just never use deodorant or cologne down there

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