7 things never to say to a woman on a first date

It’s been a while, but you’re finally going on that date. Hell, it’s been longer than a while. It’s been years and you feel a bit dusty in the dating department.

You’ve remembered to shower, you smell pretty good and your sister helped you pick out a shirt for the evening. But now it’s up to you to make this night work.

Do not mess this one up. Avoid saying these 7 things when you go on that long awaited first date.

1. “My ex used to…”

Sherlock No

This is an inside thought, not an outside thought. Do not, ever, use the word ex in the beginning of a relationship. If you cannot help comparing her with your ex, do keep it to yourself.

2. “I love you…”

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No. Don’t even think it. It’s been a long time, we know. But proclaiming your love so soon reflects desperation. Play it cool.

3. “I’m pretty good at most things…”

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This is not the time to blow your own horn. Show interest in her. Let her ask about you and just give enough information to keep her interested. She should be the one who tells you how great you are.

4. “Are you going to eat all that?”


Many women are sensitive when it comes to their weight. Even if you are really just hungry, hoping she will give you her leftovers, don’t mention this. What is a simple question for you, can raise at least 10 issues in her mind.

5. “The waitress is hot!”

Dafoe Grin

Do not mention the hotness of any other girl in the room. Keep your focus on your date. Make her feel special, even if you know this is the first and last date.

6. “You like what?”


So, she loves collecting old buttons and spends her weekends quilting. Not exactly the way you pictured her, but don’t let the shock and horror show. Give her a few moments to talk about her hobby, then try to move the conversation on.

7. “I can’t wait for our next date!”

Jon Stewart Fangirling

Remember to play it cool. Even if this was the best night you’ve had in two and a half years, don’t ruin it by looking desperate. Tell her you had a good time, but don’t do the happy dance.

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