3 ways to tell if someone is a cheater

There is nothing quite as blindsiding as finding out that the person that you are with has commitments elsewhere.

So how do you tell if the person that you’re with has a man on the side, or even worse, is married? Daily Mail spoke to Australia Private Investigator, Lachlan Jarvis about the common threads he’s discovered when finding a cheat:


  1. If they over 40

Jarvis commented that people over 40 have been found the most likely to cheat because of the change in their psyche over time, and decisions made when they are younger might conflict with what they want it their 40’s, which leads to doubt and regret.


2. If they were married at an early age

People change as they get older, and as their ones and needs differ, they sometimes realise that the person that they have chosen to marry is not the right one for their changed self.  They could also get bored, or their sexual preferences change, and many choose to cheat instead of divorcing or go for counselling.


3. If they are from a conservative religious background

Jarvis noted that many of the culprits that he investigated were from conservative religious backgrounds and were part of the religion since birth, and have followed it for most of their life. This could be because they might have been pressured into marriage from a young age, and it might have turned into bitterness and regret.

H/T: Daily Mail



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